Dental Tourism Treatments

Dental Tourism Treatments

In this article you will find a complete dental treatments list and reference to the main procedures carried out by dental specialists abroad. Before you make a decision, in particular for complex and expensive cosmetic dental treatments, you should inquire about the specialist’s qualification and experience, furthermore, it is essential to consult the coverage policy your insurer offers for dental services.

The Most Common Dental Treatments

  • Dental Emergencies – They provide aid in serious injuries and sudden dental pain.
  • Dental Treatments for Gum Disease
  • Laser Treatments – Laser helps to strengthen or activate bonding and whitening agents, used in various procedures (e.g.: whitening).
  • Dental Implants – They offer a replacement for tooth roots.
  • Dental Crowns – a cap placed over a tooth to restore its shape, strength and appearance.
  • Dental Bonding – a durable plastic material is applied and hardened with special light for a diversity of purposes (dental jewelry)
  • Air Abrasion – It is used to remove tooth decay and plaque.
  • Broken Tooth Repair
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Tooth Restoration
  • Tooth Sealants – They serve to prevent tooth decay.
  • Tooth Fillings – They help to repair cracked or broken teeth and stop further damage.

Some common dental treatments are devoted to crooked teeth and misaligned bites. They are most often inherited traits, which require several appliances like wires, springs, and rubber bands. Oral hygiene is essential for their long-term, convenient use. The most common dental treatments for these conditions are:

  • Braces and Retainers – for crooked teeth and/or misaligned bite.
  • Orthodontics for Children – for crooked teeth and/or misaligned bite in children.
  • Invisible Aligners – to improve the smile.
  • Dental care for Braces and Retainers

Surgical Dental Treatments List

Oral surgery includes:

  • Wisdom teeth removal
  • Dental implants
  • Operating jaw related problems
  • Root Canals Treatments – They aim to repair and save a badly decayed or infected tooth.
  • Tooth Extraction – A solution for severely damaged, sore teeth, which cannot be saved or restored.
  • Gum Tissue Grafts – They are necessary to protect the teeth from gum recession and improve appearance.
  • Gum Contouring – or gum reshaping, it is one of the most common cosmetic dental treatments.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Among them we find:

  • Tooth bleaching or dental whitening.
  • Recontouring Teeth – Also called odontoplasty or enameloplasty it aims to reshape teeth.
  • Bridges – It is used to replace a completely missing tooth by anchoring two adjacent crowns.
  • Veneers – They are custom-made shells designed to cover the front surface of the tooth to improve appearance.