Dental Bridges & Dental Tourism

Dental Bridges & Dental Tourism

When a tooth is missing dental restoration can happen with dental crowns, dental implants and dental bridges. Dental bridges are said to bridge the gap between two teeth or dental implants. Dental crowns are supported to some extent by the original tooth structure, but dental bridges usually restore an area with no root structure to support, therefore they have to be attached to adjacent teeth.

Materials eligible for dental crowns vary; the most common ones are gold, metal alloys, metal-fused porcelain or 100% porcelain or ceramics. Cheap dental bridges can be made of resin as well, but their life span is quite short.

Dental bridges have two structural elements:

  • Pontic – It is the false tooth that fits in the gap.
  • Abutment teeth – They are the two supporting teeth or implants that flank the pontic.

Steps of the Dental Bridge Procedure

To create a dental bridge procedure is lengthy and includes several sessions at the dentist.  As traditional dental bridges need two supporting dental crowns, abutment teeth or implants are prepared, filed down and adjusted, to receive the supporting dental crowns.

Then the dentist takes the impression of the area where the dental bridges are intended. After taking the impression you may be provided with a temporary bridge and then you can go home.

Your Impression is then taken to a dental technician, who prepares the crowns, the bridging structure and the pontic within 1-2 weeks.

After multiple visits to make sure about the right position of the dental bridges, it is cemented permanently.

A variation of dental bridges is a removable structure called Maryland bonded bridges that contain plastic gum and teeth supported by a metal structure.

Dental Bridges Cost Calculations

Permanent or removable dental bridges cost can vary depending on the materials used and the technique applied. Expenses could be partially covered by your dental insurance, but it depends on the policy you have. If your insurer takes over most of the costs, on average, dental bridges cost between $200 and $400.

Great offers including cheap dental bridges are promoted by some medical facilities beyond the borders, which wish to serve all the needs and expectations of international patients. Dental bridges abroad, especially in low-cost countries, may be available for a small fraction of the domestic prices. However, if you are interested in dental bridges abroad, there are some precautions to take before buying the plane ticket:

  • Check if the dental facility has international accreditations.
  • Ask for the dentist’s certificates and reference works.
  • Get informed about the available materials beforehand and about their cost.
  • Always ask what services are included in the official prices.