Dental Tourism in Poland

Dental Tourism in Poland

Dental tourism has been rising dramatically in Poland over the last few years. Poland offers high-quality dental treatment and surgery services using the latest techniques within a well-regulated health system.

You come to Poland, have a rest, and at the same time, you utilize excellent services of polish dentists, which are much cheaper. Figures show that foreign patients spent about $US65 million on health treatment in Poland for 2005, indicating that the country’s medical tourism market is booming.

Dentists in Poland

Why are Polish dentists among well acknowledged dental practitioners? This article gives a brief preview of one of the top dental tourism destinations in Central Europe.

Difference In Prices — West vs. Central Europe

Dental tourism has helped many people from the United Kingdom. Affordable cost of dental treatment abroad has provided an effective and inexpensive solution to dental problems that are costly to treat in the UK. It is a simple process to go overseas for cheap dental treatment. It only requires the right information.

Dental procedures such as dental crowns, dental implants, and cosmetic services are very costly but in Poland (as well as in Croatia and Hungary) you can save as much as 70% of the total cost that one can incur in the UK. Krakow, the capitol of Poland, has dental clinics that treat many patients from various European countries. The main reason being Poland is highly reputed for its quality dental work. Dentists are also known for being friendly, welcoming and consistent in the provision of high-quality dental treatment that is attributed to its reputed healthcare facilities.

Not Every Procedure Can Be Beneficial – Specific Needs For Custom Tailored Cost

Having dental procedures abroad are very essential for special dental needs. Some of these procedures include veneers, dental crowns, dental implants, bridges, and other oral surgery items. However, orthodontics is not commonly offered because it involves several visits. 99% of the sinus patients have been successfully treated through routine procedures. Poland has highly qualified, experienced and well reputed dental practitioners.

In Poland and other EU countries such as Croatia and Hungary, the cost of dental crowns starts from $200 and dental implants from $495. Cost of dental treatment has gone up; however, one can still save up to 50% to 70% of the costs in the US. There are also discounts on dental costs for the procedures that cost more than £6000. With dental clinics you do not have to make a prepayment for the treatment – more likely is made after every stage of the treatment.

It is important to point out that the cost of dentistry in Poland varies depending on the location of a dental clinic. Dental treatment is expensive in bigger cities while cheaper in smaller cities and rural areas. However, very well learned and experienced dentists are located in the more populated cities of Poland. Their clinics provide a wide range of dental treatments. The most expensive dental procedure in Poland is bracing and the cheapest is tooth extraction. Averagely the cost is &ponud;490 and £40 respectively.

Identifying a well reputed dental clinic and prices dentist is easy with using the Dental Comparison Tool. One can easily find one by simply submitting their treatment plans. Try a dental tour to Poland and see the difference. You will get the best deal for your money.