Tooth Contouring & Dental Tourism

Tooth Contouring & Dental Tourism

If you who have chipped, cracked or irregularly shaped teeth, you may be glad to hear about the opportunity tooth contouring (also called tooth reshaping) procedures offer to boost the appearance of your smile. Nowadays, thanks to the advances in dental technology, even a simple tooth reshaping can make your teeth just as impeccable as the girl’s in the toothpaste commercial.

Tooth contouring or reshaping is based on subtle changes, but you will be surprised how alterations of even a few millimeters can make a significant difference. Chipped and fractured areas are smoothed out and angles are rounded to create better alignment and evenness, making your little imperfections invisible to the eye.

The cherry on the top is that tooth contouring is a relatively inexpensive procedure. Depending on the type of treatment, the cost may vary, but the average tooth reshaping cost can be set around $100-$150 per tooth.

How Is Tooth Reshaping Accomplished?

Tooth contouring is an instant treatment offered by the cosmetic industry, performed with the use of specialized dental instruments, abrasion and dental whitening techniques. The medical specialist who performs the procedure is normally a certified cosmetic dentist.

Tooth reshaping works the best for people who just need small adjustments to improve the looks and feel of their teeth. On the other hand, it is not appropriate for patients with unhealthy gums, root canals or decaying teeth. For this reason, quite typically, dental x-rays are taken before the procedure to make sure that the patient’s teeth are healthy.

During the tooth contouring procedure no anesthetics is required. This dental procedure is able to correct in one session:

  • Slightly crooked teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Slightly overlapping teeth

Under certain circumstances, tooth reshaping can be an alternative solution instead of braces.

Types of Tooth Reshaping

Various procedures can be combined to deliver better results.

  • Tooth contouring – involves the removal of small amounts of tooth structure.
  • Dental veneers – involves thin pieces of porcelain glued over the front of the teeth.
  • Tooth bonding – involves applying thin coatings of plastic material to cover any natural flaw on the front surface of the teeth. The cosmetic dentist then sculpts, colors and shapes to provide an even more appealing result.

Tooth Reshaping Cost

Dental insurance usually covers a part of the tooth reshaping cost, if it becomes a medical necessity as a result of an accident. It is basically an affordable procedure, but the final cost always depends on the type of procedure required, the geographical location and the medical facility. Tooth reshaping cost can range between $50 and $300 per tooth.