Implant Retained Dentures – Cost & Benefits

Implant Retained Dentures – Cost & Benefits

Those who have suffered from dental problems may eventually have to consider getting dentures. Although the traditional dentures that are detachable have been the choice for a lot of patients, implant retained dentures are becoming the new choice for patients. The advantages of having implanted dentures offer a multitude of benefits that makes it a much stabler choice than the old fashioned form.

The overdenture is securely anchored because the implant itself is connected to the jawbone. With dental implants, your teeth look, feel, and function almost like natural teeth. The overdenture is resting on the implant and not on gum tissue which gives you much more comfort and support. The implants also preserve the jaw bone, rather than wearing it down as a regular denture does.

When someone has natural teeth they have 100 pounds of biting pressure. With regular dentures, a person can only chew with 7-8 pounds of biting pressure, which is not enough to even chew through a raisin. With an implant supported overdenture, the biting pressure is restored to 85 pounds, enough to chew anything.

What are the benefits of Implant Retained Dentures?

Dentures are only a replacement for missing teeth. You can have a partial set or you may need a complete set of dentures. They are commonly fashioned from a plastic base, with artificial teeth placed on the frame. This is a replacement for natural teeth, not just for cosmetic purposes. Missing teeth can impact the capacity to speak clearly, makes eating a challenge, and can eventually have negative health results. Dentures are used to reduce these problems.

After Implant Retained Dentures Photo

Another difficulty with missing teeth is the force it has on bone structure. Implant retained dentures don’t simply look natural, they get your smile beautiful once again. They will keep your facial structure younger seeming because the teeth help keep everything in order.

Working with your dentist to decide if you want implant retained dentures is something you will have to discuss with your provider. The first step of this process involves a consultation. Your dental and health history will be evaluated, and your dentist will take x-rays and make a mold of your bite. This will be evaluated to make sure your dentures will be successful.

Once you have gone through the evaluation process, you will be fitted with a wax base with the replacement teeth set. Once the fit is perfect, then an acrylic denture base is added.

If you have any type of gum disease, then your dentist must deal with any of these issues before you can receive your dentures. You might have to have existing teeth extracted to get the right fit, and then let your mouth heal. If you do have to go without permanent teeth for a while, you should be able to wear immediate dentures provided by your dentist.

Dentures to a Fixed Bridge

This is a young lady that lost her teeth in an auto accident. She has been wearing full dentures for several years and hates the bulky feeling, the slipping of the lower denture, the covered palate and the poor chewing ability. Seven implants were placed on the lower and six implants on the upper. Bone grafting was necessary on the upper arch because of bone loss from the accident. Fixed bridges were made restoring both the upper and the lower arches to full function with a nice esthetic result.

Seven Lower Implants
Six Upper Implants

Finished Bridge Work Photos

Completed Lower
Completed Upper

Some of The Reasons People Choose Implant Retained Dentures

Substantial bone loss over time may have led to a lower jaw. This lower jawbone may not be able to support a denture. Using two implants offers a solid foundation, meaning a denture can be supported by someone who can wear the loose dentures.  Undergoing a mini dental implant procedure is one of the easiest dental procedures you will ever have. Thanks to the advancement in technology, performing the mini dental implant procedure is now less invasive and often requires less bone. The process is fast, safe, and also relatively painless as well as less intrusive to the gums. This is attributed to the reduced size of the implant.

Upper jawbone may also be shrunk, leaving no ride and an inadequate palate depth to support an upper denture. Some individuals also react with too much gag reflex, making it impossible to tolerate a denture base in the top of the mouth. The size of denture implants allows the base to be fitted, taking up less space in the mouth. This gives people who previously have been unable to wear dentures a new option.

Cost of Mini Dental Implant Retained Dentures

The costs involved will vary considerably. Individual clinics charge different rates, so if cost is a factor it is best to shop around. Once you have a provider, you have other considerations, such as the complexity of the fitting and job, the materials used, and the types of materials used. The cost of implant retained dentures can be very varied and quite expensive, ranging from $12,500 right up to $25,000 for a full set. Prices can differ depending on which country you get the procedure done, so make sure you do plenty of research before deciding on a location.


  1. Dental implant retained dentures are much more secure than conventional dentures. Removable dentures must be kept in position by a bonding agent, and are traditionally acknowledged for coming loose when you eat particular foods. Dental implants are held in place more securely and are overall more stable.
  2. Implant dentures are also more comfortable for the patient. Most wearers say they don’t even remember they are wearing dentures.
  3. Implant retained dentures also stop the wearer from experiencing painful spots and stress points generally connected with removable dentures.
  4. If wearing implanted dentures, it inhibits further bone loss that occurs from tooth loss. This also allows the facial structure to remain the same and keeps your jaws stronger.

If Implant Retained Dentures Are Not An Option

If an individual’s jawbone just isn’t strong enough to support a full set of implanted dentures, there is another option. Mini implants are a smaller version of the full set. These implants are not a permanent solution, but there are still tremendous advantages. The procedure itself isn’t invasive, and the gums don’t even have to be opened. Perhaps one of the biggest draws is that this treatment is not as expensive as implant retained dentures, and it can also be a temporary fix when working towards a long term plan.

When considering implant retained dentures, it is an exciting new alternative for your smile. There is no better way to improve your self-esteem than by replacing your missing teeth with permanent implants. Your health is also in better condition, as gum diseases can cause other health issues. Investing in dentures can save health problems later on. Wondering if implanted dentures are right for you? Visit your dentist and start getting information and see if they will be a good fit with your dental needs.

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