Dentures Cost

Dentures Cost

What do dentures cost?

There are many reasons people get dentures. Some have had teeth fall out. Some teeth have never grown in. Some denture wearers had poor dental structure which caused speech impediments. Others have had their teeth knocked out at a sporting or other event. Whether you are getting dentures for old age, cosmetic reasons, or other reasons, you should know the cost of dentures before you buy.

What are Dentures?

You may know dentures as false teeth, those scary looking things your grandfather used to put in a glass of water by his bed at night. Now there are denture implants as well as removable dentures. The good news is, even if you choose to get removable dentures, they will look a lot more realistic than anything your grandparents had. They will also be more comfortable and stay put better than ever.

Dentures Cost

Dentures cost anywhere from $500- $2500 per arch. So for a full set of dentures you will be looking at spending between $1000-$5000 just for the physical set. On top of this, you will pay a cosmetic dentist an ‘installation’ fee which usually costs as much as your dentures. It is not very often that your dental insurance will cover any of this. What is more, most dentures last between 5 and 10 years before they need to be replaced, making your dentures a recurring cost. However, there are many different types of dentures, and options for each individual. The less expensive ones are less custom than the more expensive. They will be a standard set of teeth, but still molded to fit your mouth. As the price of the dentures goes up, the more customizable they will be. You will have flexibility in choosing dentures that fit your needs and your budget.

Adhesive Dentures

These are dentures as most people know them. They are generally made out of acrylic or resin now. Although sometimes, depending on your situation they might have bits of them made out of porcelain or even metal. These acrylic versions are much stronger and durable than former dentures, and they also look more realistic as well.

Custom Fittings

Gone are the days of one size fits all. When you get dentures today, you will have a pair custom fitted to your mouth. This is one of the reasons the cost is so high. Dentures are not produced in mass at a factory. However, even with the custom fittings, you would be amazed to know that most dentures can be made the same day you go in for your measurements.

Denture Adhesives

After you have had your dentures fitted, it is important that you have them adhered properly. Most dentures nowadays do not require adhesives because they have been formed to properly fit over your mouth. Many people will still wear adhesives at least for the first few days while getting used to their dentures. However, for those days you want a little more stick, or if you feel your dentures may be a little loose, there are many options for denture adhesives. Adhesive wafers and denture glue are the most popular forms of denture adhesives. The wafer is a solid form and the glue liquid.

Denture Implants

Denture implants are dentures that have been surgically implanted into your gums. As it is a surgical procedure, denture implants cost much more than the removable types. However, because they are implanted into your gums you will not have some of the side effects such as loss of taste that people with adhesive dentures do. You also will be able to check at a higher rate of function than those with removable false teeth. Denture implants start at around $1000 and go up to well over $10,000 just for the cost of the teeth. Included in your bill will also be the cost of the dentist, and any anesthesia that you choose to use. With that being said, your denture implants will be much more natural looking and functioning than a removable set of dentures.

Dentures in a Day

Most dentures can be made in just a single day as can most repairs. Even specialized dentures usually have a 24 hour turn around. However, with this being said, you will need to be available for most of that day. Dentists will take a custom molding of your mouth and then make a wax replica of the dentures they plan to give you. You will be able to try out this wax replica and make any changes you see fit. After that you will be able to come back later and pick up your dentures. Some specialty dentures will take longer than a day. The procedure for implant dentures will take longer than a day.

Denture Repair

Although dentures are made out of durable materials, you will occasionally need to repair a denture. If you have surgically implanted dentures, this may involve more surgery depending on how damaged your dentures actually are. If you have adhesive dentures there are several options.

Denture Repair Kits

For minor damages you can buy a denture repair kit. It should be said, that this will by no means take care of large denture damages. It is also not a substitute for proper dental repair, but if you have a small chip or crack, this is the most cost effective option. You must be careful though, if your repair

Dental Repair Costs

When having a dentist repair a set of dentures you may be very lucky. Sometimes a dentist will use a system similar to a denture repair kit you can buy in a store. Theirs will of course be professional quality and meant to last much longer. If this is the case, your denture repair will be inexpensive and quick. However with shattered teeth or split dentures, you will be looking at costs ranging from $50 well into the hundreds of dollars.

Dentures are costly but usually necessary. Beyond a cosmetic procedure, they can help a recipient to chew food. They can also fix speech impediments caused by poor dental structure. Making sure you have the right dentures at the right cost to you is important and hopefully obtainable.