Partial Dentures Prices

Partial Dentures Prices

Full dentures are used when the entire upper or lower set of teeth are missing. But if you are only missing a few teeth, you can replace them with removable partial dentures. Partial dentures prices are generally inexpensive compared to full dentures and permanent partial dentures. Full dentures prices vary significantly, but partial dentures are much cheaper. There are also a variety of designs available depending on where the replacements are needed.

The cost of partial dentures is quite prohibitive ranging from around $1000 to 1500 or more per arch. Many would often question why it is so expensive just for a couple of replacement teeth. But many also don’t realize how complicated a set of teeth can be to handle. Partial dentures are applied if one or more teeth are missing either from the upper or lower jaw or even on both sides. There are a lot of dental companies that will help work to your preferences on what you want and how you want to be dealt with during a treatment process to better suit you need. Though the price of half dentures may differ from the services offered or can be high at times, what you will spend is worth it because the best quality is what matters.

Partial Dentures Prices and Functions

There are some circumstances wherein partial dentures are needed. People who have missing teeth since birth use partial dentures for aesthetic and dental functions. The mouth appears sunken without the support of the teeth. Also, a person tends to lose confidence when they have gaps in their mouth. Dentures can be quite pricey especially permanent partial dentures. Partial dentures are also an option for people who need to replace their missing teeth, but they could not afford permanent solutions like dental implants and dental bridges. Dental implants prices are high. Partial dentures prices are more affordable, so they are a much better option in such situations. Another circumstance wherein partial dentures prices and actual dentures are needed when patients are waiting for their dental implants to be ready. It usually takes some time for implants to be prepared. The remaining teeth and gums also have to undergo some treatment before implants, implant crowns, and bridges are placed. But luckily, partial dentures prices end up being lower and cheaper because they’re more for temporary use.

As mentioned earlier, the amount of money paid for partial dentures is costly that you think twice unless it’s necessary. Partial dentures cost can vary from three price ranges one can choose to apply on. There is a partial denture worth $400 with features that are suitable if only fewer teeth are missing, ideal for health teeth still available, and normal biting and jaw movements.

Why Are Partial Dentures Prices So High?

Partial dentures prices vary depending on the materials they are made of. Partial dentures that are made of acrylic are common. They look nice but are not very functional as they are brittle. These types are often used when the wearer is just waiting for dental implants to be ready. However, when there are a lot of teeth to replace, and for extended- term use, partial dentures with a metal framework are preferred as they are much stronger. The downside, though, is that metal framework partial dentures prices are higher than acrylic- made ones. This is because the metals are expensive and have to be made with precision to fit the mouth and teeth perfectly.

Metal framework partial dental prices are high also because it is harder to make. Partial dentures prices might be low because these dentures are made entirely of acrylic can be finished within two visits of taking molds and bite registration. With higher partial dentures prices, dentures with metal frames, however, need more than two visits. The framework has to be very precise, and the teeth should have an accurate arrangement in wax. The correct bite registration also needs to be obtained. All these are required before the dentures are sent to a laboratory for further processing. Then the patient will have to fit the dentures again before final adjustments are made. The last partial dentures prices will reflect the cost of the dentist, the surgery/operation, and the materials used.

It is important to take care of your teeth if you don’t want to spend much for damages and repairs. Consult your dentist to give you advice on what to do to maintain the integrity of your teeth.

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