Dental Laser Gum Treatment Side Effects

Dental Laser Gum Treatment Side Effects

Whitening one’s teeth is a dream come true for many, especially if you have that disgusting yellowish tinge on your teeth.  Getting that perfect set of teeth apt for the billboards and TV ads is such a joy to a person…however, not everyone can have that blissful set of teeth. Most celebrities we see on TV and in movies do not have those gleaming teeth before entering show business. They may have undergone many dental treatments to attain that pearly white effect on their teeth.

There are many reasons why a person can have yellowish teeth, and many of them are related to the lifestyle of the person:

  1. A person who smokes excessively can have yellow teeth due to the tinge effect of the nicotine;
  2. A person who does not have proper oral hygiene, i.e., not brushing the teeth at least twice a day or not getting any dental cleaning appointments with the dentist;
  3. A person who takes medications containing Iron can also get a yellowish tinge on the teeth;
  4. Predisposing diseases and treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy remove the white appearance of the tooth enamel.

Dental Laser Treatment Side Effects

Apart from these causes, some other rare occurrences or habits can lessen the teeth’s whiteness. As such, treatments that can whiten one’s teeth are popular to many people—especially those who can afford a monthly session with their dentists. One of the most popular methods of whitening teeth is through the use of a dental laser. However, there are dental laser whitening side effects that one can suffer from when taking advantage of this procedure:

Sensitive Teeth

During dental laser whitening, the coating of the teeth, more specifically the enamel, can start to thin out. This enamel is a protective covering of the teeth necessary to avoid sensitivity. As such, teeth sensitivity to hot and cold drinks and foods are common dental laser whitening side effects.

Increased Chances of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is one of the most dreaded dental laser whitening side effects because of a reason similar to what was mentioned above—the thinning of the tooth enamel. One of the purposes of our tooth enamel is to protect our teeth from bacteria that cause tooth decay. With a thin enamel, the protection from tooth decay also weakens.

Uneven Whitening of the Teeth

Teeth whitening should be done with extreme care, especially when using a laser. Laser teeth whitening is done through radiation of the teeth using a laser, so if a particular group of teeth has been exposed to too much laser for quite a time longer than the other teeth, uneven whitening comes as a common dental laser whitening side effect.

Gingivitis and Gum Problems

Undergoing dental laser whitening can also lead to gum problems since the laser is not only contained to the teeth. The gums can also be exposed to a laser which can cause sensitivity, soreness, and even ulceration of the gums and inner cheeks.

Undergoing teeth whitening should not be a hasty decision. Apart from the costs you may incur, you also have to be aware of the dental laser whitening side effects that may come with the procedure.

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