Get That Boy Next Door Smile!

Get That Boy Next Door Smile!

Want to score on that girl next door but have no idea how to start a conversation? Work your smile out first by getting a gleaming set of teeth! Your teeth can catch another person’s attention—whether from the same or the opposite sex. The fact about teeth is that it is the one most people will recognize initially—upon a person speaking or simply opening their mouth. This is also why many people invest a lot in improving the appearance of their teeth, like orthodontic braces, retainers, dental jackets, root canals, etc. However, all these procedures and treatments would seem nonsense without a gleaming set of white teeth.

Making your teeth white is a dream come true for many, if not all, people. But unless you are a person who is born with such a perfect set of white teeth, it would be pretty costly and impractical for you to undergo teeth whitening procedures. Teeth whitening may cost thousands of bucks for several sessions, which would de out of the question. But—don’t lose hope! Perhaps you have already heard of the natural ways to make your teeth white at home, don’t you?

It is NOT impossible to make your teeth white at home—there are many methods by which you can attain that celebrity set of teeth. Here are some steps on how you could go about this task:

Baking Soda

The first thing to make is a solution of water and baking soda. Create a paste-like consistency using these ingredients and use this as your toothpaste. But mind you—do not make this a daily habit, as your teeth’ enamel can break down and lead to tooth decay.

Brush your teeth daily with a paste made from baking soda, salt, and white vinegar. Brushing your teeth must be done for 2-3 minutes. Afterward, rinse your mouth with a lot of water and brush your teeth with regular toothpaste for another 2 minutes.

Lemon Juice

Another natural solution for whitening teeth is using baking soda and a few drops of lemon juice to massage the teeth. As lemon juice is acid, you must be careful and rinse your mouth after using it to protect your teeth’ enamel against corrosion.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is intended to clean wounds and can be a tremendous teeth-whitening ingredient. Make a solution of about 1 cup of water and about one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. Use this as a gargle, and soon you will notice that your teeth will appear pearly white.


These fruits are good for health and taste; these can also be effective teeth whiteners. The acidic content of strawberries has been known to remove impurities and trapped debris on the surface of our teeth.

Strawberries are tasty fruit and our alleys for obtaining great white teeth. Gently massage your teeth with mashed strawberries. Still, you should know that strawberries contain a lot of sugar and acid in their composition, and after using them to whiten your teeth, you must rewash them with toothpaste.

Things to Avoid

Apart from these tips on making your teeth white at home, it is also essential to consider which things to cut down, if not possibly give up.

Number one on the list is smoking. Smoking introduces nicotine to your body and the teeth, the number one structures that encounter nicotine as a person smokes. Also, avoid too much intake of red wine. Red wine in small amounts is cardio-healthy, but drinking too much can stain your teeth. The same is true with caffeine-containing products like coffee, tea, and some carbonated drinks.

Knowing what and what not to do is vital to getting that perfect boy-next-door appeal through your pearly white and stunningly attractive teeth!

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