Night Mouth Guard Reviews – Compare And Find The Right Dental Night Guard

Night Mouth Guard Reviews – Compare And Find The Right Dental Night Guard

In the United States, dental costs keep rising at an alarming rate. The need for preventative measures has never more important than now. One of the least expensive methods a person can use as a preventative measure to protect teeth is the wearing of a teeth guards. In some cases, a dentist may highly recommend or deem it necessary to wear one.

Perhaps the most reliable teeth grinding mouth guard is designed and created by dental professionals based on the expressed recommendations of dentists. Detailed dental impressions are used to make the teeth grinding mouth guard after a significant amount of time and labor. While this type will likely be the most expensive, a genuinely customized TMJ appliance will offer the highest level of protection and comfort.

A teeth grinding mouth guard typically covers the upper teeth, but those who are already wearing fixed dental appliances such as braces may have a customized covering made for their lower jaw as well. Working with your dentist would strongly be advised, as this is likely the best way to end up with a teeth grinding mouth guard that will be durable, comfortable, and easy to maintain. Having a TMJ appliance that will not hamper your speech or breathing will make wearing it more feasible as well. This may be especially important if you need such a device to eliminate night time teeth grinding.  A TMJ appliance designed specifically for night time wear may provide TMJ relief and potential tooth damage.

Protect Your Teeth By Using A Teeth Grinding Mouth Guard

A teeth grinding mouth guard may be appropriate for virtually any adult or child who participates in contact sports or even non-contact sports or recreational activity that may expose them to jaw, mouth, or dental injury. Teeth grinding, and the potential damage that this may cause, likely warrants wearing a TMJ appliance as soon as possible, and wearing special bite plates or splints at night can be tremendously beneficial. Accordingly, properly caring for your mouth guard by keeping it clean and monitoring it for wear between dental checks may keep your teeth protected and looking their best.

Get A Professional Dental Night Guard Without The Outrageous Prices

What most patients don’t realize is that when you order a night guard at the dentist, the dentist doesn’t actually make the dental night guards they sell.

Instead, they get source them from a professional dental lab that specializes in custom-fitted dental appliances such as night guards, crowns, bridges, and dentures.

Your dentist simply takes an impression of your teeth, sends the impression to a dental lab, and receives a completed night guard 2 weeks later. They might charge you $400 or more (we’ve heard anywhere from $300 up to over $800) for your dental teeth night guard, they pay only a fraction of that to have the night guard made at the dental lab.

To avoid paying $100’s in extra markups at the dentist’s office, we highly recommend ordering directly from a professional dental lab like ProTeethGuard. You can find out more about ordering direct from their dental lab here.

Feel free to take a look at ProTeethGuard’s prices here and compare them to the prices you get at the dentist. You can save hundreds on exactly the same product.

Why Would Someone Need A Mouth Guard?

There are two primary reasons people use mouth guards. The first is strictly as a safety measure.

While playing sports, there is always the possibility of falling, bumping into someone or getting hit in the mouth by a piece of sports equipment. By wearing a mouth or teeth guard, the individual is able to prevent damage to teeth that usually occurs when the upper and lower jaws are jammed together causing teeth to break, get knocked out or suffer nerve damage.

The second reason has to do with a condition called “bruxism”. Bruxism is the unintentional grinding of the teeth. While it is a condition that occurs at anytime during the day, most cases occur while sleeping. It causes pain issues, loss of tooth volume and alignment issues.

What Makes A Good Night Mouth Guard?

Two important factors to consider when buying a night guard for teeth are the fit and materials used to manufacture the dental night guard.

The fit is important because it keeps the mouth guard in place at all times, which provides both maximum protection and comfort. While inexpensive mouth guards can be found in stores, they are usually uncomfortable a can easily fall out of the mouth.

A custom sleeping mouth guard manufactured in a professional dental laboratory usually fits best and provide comfort while sleeping.

As far as materials are concerned, the individual wants a mouth guard that is durable and strong enough to sustain shock and pressure.

The best materials are a good acrylic or strong rubber. Acrylic night guards are especially easy to use and clean.

Taking Care Of A Bite Guard

If properly cared for, a good teeth night guard can last up to five years.

When not in use, the mouth guard should be properly stored in the container provided by the laboratory. After each use, the guard needs to be cleaned with cool water or mouthwash.

It’s a good idea to clean it thoroughly at least once a week with soap and cool water. When storing it, the mouth guard needs to be stored in a cool place away from heat and sunlight.

Popular Dental Night Guards On The Market

There are many brands and styles of mouth guards on the market. They each have its own characteristics. Here are three popular brands and styles to consider.

Pro Teeth Guard

ProTeethGuard.com is an online provider of professionally made, custom fitted mouth guards.

This company has devised a method of allowing individuals to make their own teeth impressions using a kit, and then shipping them off to the company’s manufacturing laboratory.

These are the exact same FDA approved mouth guards ordered by dentists.

ProTeethGuard.com has separate products for heavy grinding, moderate grinding, light grinding and day time grinding. The primary materials used are acrylic or a dual-laminate for light grinders. The more severe the problem, the harder the material needs to be to protect the teeth.


  • By ordering directly from the laboratory instead of through a dentist, the savings range from 200%-300%
  • This product is designed to last 1-3 years, depending on severity of grinding


  • If the patient losses or breaks their dental teeth guard, they will have to wait until a new one is made and delivered.
  • Significantly more expensive than mouth guards available in stores

You can find out more about ordering a custom night guard from ProTeethGuard by clicking here. You’ll get free shipping and a 110% money back guarantee.

Plackers Grind No More

For individuals looking for the least expensive alternative, Plackers presents the “Grind No More” ready-to-use, disposable night guard.

The claim is that one size fits all with no boiling or heating required. With the combination of absorbing bite plates, stabilizing bite plate lips and alignment grooves. The product is supposed to form around the teeth for a tight grip that is able to absorb high levels of clinching or grinding.

They are intended for nighttime use only. The reality is that these night teeth guards work pretty well. They are lighter and less bulky than most generic store bought guards. The instructions suggest disposing of the guards after 3 days, but most people can probably wait a little longer.

This devise is designed in such a way that it fits larger and smaller plates, while other generic guards seem to only work for one or the other.


  • Lightweight
  • Cost effective
  • Can be use used on the top or bottom plates


  • Heavy grinders may have trouble getting them to last longer than a night or two

Dentek Dental Guard

Dentek offers maximum professional-fit teeth guards for the upper teeth and comfort-fit guards for the bottom teeth.

Both of these products are ready-to-wear with no boiling required. They are made with a plastic/acrylic material that is designed to absorb light to medium grinding during nighttime sleep.

The comfort-fit teeth guards are adjustable to five different settings. They grab only the back teeth, which helps to provide comfort by not having a bulky piece of plastic or rubber resting in the front of the mouth.

These guards are best suited for individuals who have a mild grinding problem and can probably be used during the day in order to give a little relief for people who have persistent day time grinding issues.


  • Affordable
  • Great product for individuals with small mouths or teeth
  • Easy to use while drinking or talking


  • These guards are not durable and won’t last for heavy grinders
  • If they don’t ft the back teeth right, individuals will experience significant slipping and discomfort

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Mouth Guard

Any mouth guard for sleeping is going to have issues. It is incumbent on each individual to decide which products will fit best and meet their needs. Here are some factors to consider.

  • Cost – Custom teeth guards provide a much better fit and last longer, but they cost 5-10 times more than generic guards found in stores. Light grinders will do well less expensive products.
  • Fit – As mentioned, custom guards will fit perfectly if the impression is right. If price is an issue, it is important for people using generic teeth guards to try several styles and brands until they find one that fits properly and provides adequate comfort.
  • Durability – Heavy grinders will want to consider custom guards since most generic guards are not able to stand up to the grinding. Light grinders will have many more options. A person doesn’t want to have to continually change guards.
  • Flexibility – People who have issues with grinding during the day and night will want to choose a guard that is comfortable in almost any situation. It would be a good idea to speak with a dentist about the possibility of customizing a guard that is comfortable to wear several hours a day.