Dental Mouth Guard

Dental Mouth Guard

It’s possible that you can buy a mouth guard over the counter, but we don’t recommend this option. If you need a mouth guard, your dentist can give you the best possible mouth guard you can use, right here.

Why Do You Need a Dental Mouth Guard?

There are two possible reasons you may need a dental mouth guard. One is that you play a contact sport. If your sport involves physical contact with other players, a fast-moving ball that can hit your face, or even just the possibility of falling to the ground, you’ll need a mouth guard to protect your teeth from damage and your mouth from lacerations. The mouth guard absorbs any impact and it also keeps the inside of your mouth from getting cut by your teeth.

The other main reason for using a mouth guard is bruxism, which refers to the constant or frequent clenching and grinding of your teeth. Often this happens at night, which is why this kind of mouth guard is also called a night guard. Grinding your teeth can damage them. It will become painful and you may end up losing your teeth if you don’t do anything to correct it.

Why Get a Dental Mouth Guard from Us?

The main problem with over-the-counter mouth guards is that they’re not customized precisely to your fit. That makes them uncomfortable to wear, so you won’t be able to play at your best or sleep soundly at night. It may even impede your breathing, which again affects your play and your sleep.

These inferior mouth guards can also be useless when used for sports. They may not allow you to talk, which is crucial when you need to communicate with your teammates. And in some cases, they may not even work well enough to prevent damage to your teeth at all.

With us, we will tailor your mouth guard so that it will fit over your teeth and in your mouth perfectly. You’ll be comfortable wearing them and you’ll be able to breathe properly. You can even talk when you play, and you can be sure that your mouth guard will absorb any hard impact to your teeth.