Invisalign Express

Invisalign Express

If you have considered invisible aligners in order to get your smile looking its best, you will want to check out the option for Invisalign Express. This is the same product as the original Invisalign system with the exception that it is a much shorter process. That means you get the benefits of wearing completely invisible equipment that slowly and painlessly straightens the smile, but also does so in a much shorter length of time.

If you have explored options for aligning devices, you would have had to have been x-rayed and examined by a knowledgeable dental expert. They would have told you whether or not your teeth could be improved through the use of the aligners instead of traditional braces and retainers.

Why is there a difference? Not all dental patients can use aligners because they may have very severe tooth rotations and malocclusions that demand the long term use of braces. The aligners are clear plastic sheaths that slip over the teeth and gently force them into a new and more aligned position. The basic system takes around ten months or more to get good results, but the Invisalign Express option cuts this in half.

Qualifying for Treatment

Because the process is so much shorter with the Invisalign Express dental trays, the patient has to be rigorously approved for the use of the abbreviated time frame. For example, a dental professional will have to understand whether or not a series of ten aligners (as opposed to the twenty or more in traditional approaches) will be able to close spaces, rotate teeth, and create optimal alignment.

It is valuable to discover that the makers of the Invisalign devices are very strict about the approval processes, and are quite particular when it comes to allowing people into the express model. When you can use the system, however, it comes with some nice advantages.

For example, just consider:

• You have to wear the devices for six months or less;
• The system is much less expensive for the dentist and this is passed on to the customer via reduced costs;
• You can use from ten to fourteen aligners to get results, meaning that a lot of work can be done; and
• Many dentists will partner up the use of this rapid system as part of an overall smile makeover.

Does this mean that it is better than the original Invisalign system? No, what it means is that the express option should be seen as a major advantage for those without a lot of serious straightening and correction required. The express system allows all of the same benefits, but does not cost as much and does not take the ten months or longer to achieve results. This is good news to adults and to young adults who qualify for the system too.

If you are exploring options for a straighter smile, consider the use of these comfortable and discreet trays because they do give good results when you qualify.

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