An Overview of Humana Dental Plans

An Overview of Humana Dental Plans

Dental insurance policies and dental insurance plans offer individuals the way to get their dental treatments fulfilled and be able to pay for them as well. No matter what your current healthcare budget may be, you are almost certain to find a company plan which fits within your set budget. One company which offers various dental plans at reasonable prices is Humana. Humana Dental Plans come in three main types and the following will provide an overview of these various dental plans.

Dental Preventive Plus

The Dental Preventive Plus is Humana’s PPO plan. With this plan you can choose any dentist whom you would like to visit for your dental office visits which offers quite a bit of options and flexibility. Another benefit of this plan is that you will have almost all of your preventive dental services covered in their entirety. Even though you may visit any dentist, when you use an in-network dentist you will receive further discounts which puts more money back in your pocket.

Dental C550

When you sign up for the Dental C550 plan you must choose a primary dentist upon enrollment. Once signed up you will have almost all diagnostic and preventive dental treatments covered fully. The Dental C550 Humana plan requires that the insured pay a $10 copayment. There are no deductibles, waiting periods or benefit maximums to have to deal with which is beneficial to those who are seeking a reasonably priced, easy to access dental plan.

Dental Discount Plan

In addition to dental insurance policies, Humana also offers discount plans to help individuals with the cost of dental treatments. The Dental Discount Plan allows the person who chooses such a plan to go to any dentist, without notifying Humana prior to the office visit. When you choose an in-network dental service you will receive anywhere between 20-50% off of the treatment if you are a Dental Discount Plan member. The monthly payment under the Dental Discount Plan will vary but many individuals will pay around $10/month to have access to these great dental treatment discounts.

Why Humana Dental Plans Are a Good Choice

Humana Dental Plans offer flexibility and choices for those who choose to obtain an insurance policy or dental discount plan through this company. The company has a good reputation and offers various customer service options to take advantage of when you need to have your dental insurance and plan questions answered. Therefore, if you are in the market for dental coverage, you should look at all that Humana has to offer in the way of dental insurance and dental plans.