Aflac Dental Insurance Plans and Benefits

Aflac Dental Insurance Plans and Benefits

Aflac! Aflac! Visions of cute little duckies come to mind, don’t they? Well, if you’ve spent even a few minutes each week watching TV, they should. Aflac is one of the most popular general insurance companies available especially in the USA today.

Well, the rumors are also true that the very popular Aflac insurance company is now also offering DENTAL coverage as well. Oh, yes, it’s absolutely true!

With Aflac you get a simple, voluntary, no direct cost option for your dental needs. There are none of the normal hassles associated with network restrictions, deductibles or even annual premium reviews.

Why is that so great?

It’s amazing because it frees you up to get exactly the coverage you want and NEED without all the extra muss-or-fuss…or price!

Unlike other dental plans, Aflac’s voluntary offering means that employers don’t even have to do any special negotiations in regards to deductibles, co-payments or provider networks that can be used. This makes it much easier for everyone involved, to say the least.

It also eliminates many of the usual administrative types of headaches associated with usual insurance companies. Let’s look at a few of the main benefits of the Aflac Denal Insurance plan below:

No Networks Needed

Thank goodness, right? So you basically have the freedom to choose any dentist without limitations, FINALLY. No more looking at the little booklet to see if your dentist may or may not be covered under your plan, because guess what…they always will be with Aflac. YIPPEE!

No Deductibles

Ok, so here’s the biggie. Absolutely no deductibles are required when you go with Aflac. Many other dental plans require large deductibles to be met each and every year before coverage by them, but with Aflac, they pay for your treatment with no deductibles to worry about. YAY!

No Annual Premium Reviews

Anther super thing about Aflac Dental is that the policy rates won’t even increase based on a group demographic. You won’t need to regularly review or re-negotiate your dental plan. You can just go about living your life.

So even though Aflac is known for the furry and oh-so-cute duckie you see on TV every night, you can now see Aflac as a great way to take care of your teeth and keep your sanity at the same time. Aflac-Aflac, indeed!