Guardian Dental Insurance Plans and Benefits

Guardian Dental Insurance Plans and Benefits

Dental insurance is something EVERYONE should have. Why, you ask? Just think back on that time your tooth starting aching in the middle of the night, and you had nobody to call to help you but your mother. You don’t want that to ever happen again do you?

Well, of course you don’t. So today I will will show you why Guardian dental would be a super dental insurance plan to consider.

Why Guardian?

Well, besides having a pretty cool name, Guardian dental offers a few plans to choose from. Let’s explore some of them here below.

Guardian DHMO/Prepaid Plans

Guardian offers a DHMO, or dental health maintenance organization plan, as well as some other pre-paid type plans. These are unfortunately only offered in certains areas, which may limit the number of dentists you may select from.

This type of plan is strong, however, as you would know what your payments would be AHEAD of time, so there would be no scary pricing surprises! Yikes.

Guardian DentalGuard Insurance PPO

With Guardian DentalGuard Insurance PPO plan you can choose ANY dentist you wish. That’s pretty great, I know. But just remember, if you choose a provider WITHIN their network system, you will get the absolute highest benefits for the lowest prices.

You will also get the lowest out-of-pocket expenses relating to all your dental needs. There are currently about 70,000 locations across the country within the PPO network for Guardian, so you will easily find the perfect dentist for you. YAY!

Guardian Maximum Rollover Accounts (MRA)

Another great option that Guardian dental gives you is a pretty new offering called the MRA (Maximum Rollover Account). With this, all Guardian DentalGuard members can choose to put any unused portion of the annual maximum into this special account.

It can be used if you ever hapen to go over your maximums in the future. you can choose this as a neat security for you and your family to make sure you always get the amount of dental coverage you need. That’s a pretty great option.

Guardian DentalGuard BASIC and BASIC PLUS

You can choose either the DentalGuard BASIC or BASIC PLUS dental plans, but just know that both will offer an amazingly low cost option compared to the original plan. This is by far the most “affordable” type of plan, especially for large families.

You can also mix and match, and choose various options here. Using this great customizing feature is a huge reason many people select this plan. These very flexible plans also come with the most amazing customer service that Guardian is well known for.

So you know your dental needs and any questions you may have will be well taken care of…each and every time. That really should help to put your mind at ease late at night knowing you will never have a major problem if a tooth issue should arise. It will all be taken care of, and taken care of well.