GE Wellness Dental Plans and Benefits

GE Wellness Dental Plans and Benefits

So who is GE Wellness, you ask? Let me tell you. GE Wellness is actually now known under a new name called Signature Wellness, but anyway you call it, it is truly a health care saving plan you can trust…and trust in big-time!

It’s been around for a long time, and they know what you really want (and need) in a great dental plan, and that’s just what they give you. So what do they offer? I’ll show you below.

Quick & Easy Sign Up

Signing up with this plan is also relatively quick and very easy to do. You can call them, or even fill out a simple form online to get started. Just type in your zip code and they will provide the most specific plans for your location.

No Deductibles

Since this is not an actual insurance plan, you won’t ever have to deal with the hassles that normal insurance companies put you through,…such as deductibles. You don’t have to worry about having any pre-existing conditions, or even waiting periods.

No Waiting

The best part about GE Wellness is that you can actually start using your plan RIGHT WAY, so no more waiting for your plan to “kick in”. Just sign up and you are good-to-go as they say.

Right away you will get the amazingly discounted rates at 1000′s of different dentists in the nation. You only have to pay ONE simple membership fee to get the huge discounts for the entire rest of the year on all your dental needs. Just one payment makes it easy to keep track of, and less check-writing to do. I love that!

Big, BIG Savings

Let’s get to the nitty-gritty shall we. We know what it all comes down to don’t we…SAVINGS! Without an amazing savings offered, what good is any dental plan? None…that’s what. With GE Wellness you will start getting 30% or more on up to 170 normally used dental treatments. You start getting your savings on the very next visit too, so no waiting around.

You get a huge 60% off on other treatments such as prescription glasses, and about 30% on prescription drugs you may need to get. Those really start to add up in the long term, so you can really take those savings to the bank.