Reviewing Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Plans

Reviewing Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Plans

Blue Cross Blue Shield is a well-known name in the health and dental insurance arena. As this company has been around for years it is no wonder that different types of insurance policies would be offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield. Dental insurance is a specialty type of insurance offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield. Before signing up for this type of dental insurance, it is important to review the various dental insurance options so that you can be sure that Blue Cross Blue Shield dental plans are the right ones for you.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield have been offering some pretty great deals on dental plans lately and here is why. They are an established and dedicated company to meeting their customers needs and plan on being in this business for the long haul.

There are 4 choices to choose from but most of them fall under Blue Cross Dental Select HMO plans. With these plans you cannot just show up at the dentist and expect them to give you care, but you have to see which dentists in your area are currently accepting the program and can take it.

Types of Dental Plans

BlueCare Dental Preferred Choice plan is the first type of dental plan offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield. Within this plan, those with dental insurance can choose from a wide array of general and specialty dentists. In fact, Blue Cross Blue Shield offers one of the largest networks of dentists which provides insured individuals with a lot of options as to whom they visit for their dental needs. Service fees by those dentists within the network are much lower than if you did not have the BlueCare Dental Preferred Choice plan and no referrals are needed in order for you to visit a specialty dental provider, which is an added benefit of this plan.

BlueCare Dental HMO is another type of dental plan offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield. Full coverage is offered under this plan for preventive and also diagnostic care. The fact that there are no deductibles and no out of pocket expenses associated with the BlueCare Dental HMO plan make it a great option for those individuals who need a general dentist for checkups. Again, as with the BlueCare Dental Preferred Choice plan, the BlueCare Dental HMO plan allows insured individuals to choose from one of the largest dental networks and be able to choose the dentist of their choice in most cases.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Offers Choices

No matter which dental plan you choose to obtain through Blue Cross Blue Shield you will find that you have plentiful options every step of the way. The plans are quite inclusive and the cost of each plan is affordable overall. The cost of the plan will vary depending on where you are located, who is on the plan with you and any additional options which you want to put on your dental insurance plan. Overall, if you are searching for a dental insurance provider which offers a wide array of choices regarding dentists and affordable plan pricing, Blue Cross Blue Shield is definitely worth a look.

Blue Dental Plan

Well, if it is, you should check out Blue Cross Blue Shields “Blue Dental Plan” today.

Sure, but what does it include?

It’s absolutely voluntary, and not a requirement to get the “blue dental plan” if you already have Blue Cross Blue Shield regular health coverage…so there is absolutely no pressure to join. They offer amazing discounted rates, and member-paid premiums. The waiting periods for Class III and IV services is also very short, so you don’t have long to wait to get the services you MOST need, and fast.

If you already have a dentist you absolutely love, you can even get them to join on a case by case basis so you can get higher discounts by going to your normal family dentist. All DenteMax dentists also participate in the Blue Dental Plan regularly.

What is DenteMax?

DenteMax is an independent company that provides a network of PPO dentists to all Blue Dental members. If you do visit a DenteMax dentist specifically, you even receive network discounts for normally NON-covered services. That’s amazing customer service, right? It sure is. There is also only 1 discounted fee schedule for all in-and-out-of-network services, so there would be no extra confusion for you on what the prices are.

Main Advantages

The two main advantages that the Blue Dental Plan offers are the low or no premium costs for groups that sign up together. Plus, if you are currently a member, you get an amazing opportunity to purchase dental coverage at the “special group rate” discounted price. That’s truly something to smile about.

So there you have it. If you already are using and love your Blue Cross Blue Shield health care service, and are in the market for an exceptional dentist too, you should really look into the special “Blue Dental Plan” that is currently offered exclusively through Blue Cross Blue Shield. They have amazing benefits and may be just up your alley!