Damon Clear Braces vs Invisalign – Which is Right for You?

Damon Clear Braces vs Invisalign – Which is Right for You?

1If you do not mind having braces visible to everyone who speaks to you, and if not eating certain foods is perfectly fine, then metal braces will suffice.

However, if you want nearly invisible braces to those around you, it is to your benefit to consider clear braces and Invisalign. Which one is right for you? Continue reading to decide!

What are Damon Clear Braces?

Damon Clear Braces invisible braces are a clear and simple way to straighten your teeth so you can show off your smile!

Clear braces behave in the same manner as traditional metal braces; the orthodontic device contains brackets and wires in the same way as metal braces, but with one exception: this type of device is transparent. Instead of metal wiring littering your mouth, clear braces consist of ceramics or plastic alloys and flexible wiring to hide the wires that run along your mouth.

This device is also less bulky than traditional braces, meaning they are much more comfortable to wear. However, you must be especially careful when wearing clear braces; simply because of the material. Because metal is not used, clear braces are a little more fragile than metal ones, so one must be cautious of their mouth.

Damon Clear Braces: before and after three months

As the name implies, clear braces are not as visible as traditional metal braces. This alternative is ideal for many people, mainly because it is hard for anyone to tell you are wearing braces in the first place. As opposed to another “invisible” alternative, Invisalign, clear braces use a traditional structure similar to metal braces: you have wires and brackets along with your teeth as with metal braces, but what sets clear braces apart is the material the braces consist of. Instead of using bulkier “metal” material, as one would find in metal braces, clear braces typically consist of ceramic or plastic alloys along with white metal ties to hide the wiring and teeth. It is an excellent choice for individuals that want to improve their smiles while keeping their orthodontic device “incognito.”


For those that want to take a very unorthodox approach to improve their smile, there is Invisalign. Instead of using traditional “wire and bracket” devices to improve your smile via metal braces or clear braces, Invisalign uses a customized orthodontic device that fits around your teeth. This results in a much more comfortable way to improve your smile in many ways: you can take the device off when you eat, you can still eat any food you want, and your gums and tissue in your mouth will fail to become irritated. So the best part? It’s virtually invisible to everyone!

For individuals that feel clear braces do not hide their orthodontic device well enough, there is Invisalign. Invisalign has given thousands of patients a chance to realign and make their teeth look stunning while hiding the fact that they are wearing an orthopedic device. Thus, Invisalign does not contain wiring or brackets like metal and clear braces and is even removable! Invisalign is also generally more comfortable, making the chances of irritating one’s gums and support tissues nonexistent.

Also, those who choose Invisalign can eat and drink any food they wish since Invisalign braces are removable anytime. The rate at which your teeth will improve is much faster than “wire and bracket” braces. Therefore, you will not have to wear an orthodontic device for nearly as long as the traditional “braces” route.

When choosing an orthopedic device that is right for you, it is in your best interest to consider Invisalign. Suppose you do not want anyone to know you are wearing an orthopedic device and especially do not want anyone to see you with traditional metal braces. In that case, Invisalign is an excellent option. It is now very affordable, and the best part? You do not have to wear them 24/7 (although you must wear them for at least 20 hours daily). If you want to improve your teeth without needing an orthopedic device that will make your mouth look like an eyesore, ask a trusted orthodontist about Invisalign: it may prove right for you!

How Clear are Damon Clear Braces?

You have undoubtedly heard a few praises about Damon Clear. While listening to or reading about the miracle that is clear braces, you have probably found yourself asking a few questions, such as:

  1. “How clear are they?”
  2. “What makes them so clear?”
  3. So the question many people ask themselves is, “are they right for me?”
  4. So just how clear are they? See for yourself!

As you can see, clear braces are barely noticeable, especially in comparison to traditional braces (of course, as seen on the right). Due to the explicit elastic wiring and the see-through plastic brackets, it is hard to notice the individual wearing braces. Also, they look attractive when speaking with the individual wearing clear braces, making this a fantastic route to take if you need braces yourself.

Of course, you must speak with your local orthodontist to see if clear braces are right for you. They may also decide to place metal braces on the bottom row of your teeth while placing clear braces on the upper row, ensuring that your clear braces do not break due to their ceramic nature. In any case, your orthodontist can tell you if the mounts are suitable for you, and if they are, they will help you obtain them promptly.

How to Get Damon Clear Braces or Invisalign

Whether you want clear or Invisalign braces, we want you to know that our participating providers can make this happen inexpensively and quickly. Our providers come from a pool of incredibly professional and qualified orthodontic practices within the tri-state area. We guarantee you will never find another provider that provides as much quality and value as our providers.

No matter which of these providers you choose, know that you are selecting a provider that will go the extra mile to ensure you obtain the desired results. So choose with confidence, and begin getting the smile of your dreams starting today!

Invisalign Advantages

Clear braces may be incredible, but if you are wearing them, you cannot completely hide the fact that you are wearing them. Once you are close to an individual wearing them, it is straightforward to notice the brackets and wiring on their orthodontic device. While clear braces are not as precise as traditional metal braces, it is still noticeable.

What if you could wear an orthodontic device that made it nearly impossible for anyone to tell you were wearing braces, even face to face? Now you can, with Invisalign, an orthodontic appliance that is so clear and uses no wiring and brackets to correct your mouth that no one will know you are wearing braces. An orthodontist will sculpt this miracle of orthodontic technology to fit your teeth perfectly, so when you start wearing an Invisalign device, you are wearing one made with you in mind.

Invisalign makes it easy to eat any food you want, as you can take off your orthodontic device easily and quickly. Since you can remove the device, cleaning your teeth is no longer a hassle, as you can successfully clean every area around your mouth. Invisalign is also highly comfortable to wear due to the lack of sharp metal jagging into your mouth.

Damon Clear Braces Advantages

If you want to realign your teeth faster than ever, you may inquire about clear braces. This “fast tooth movement” device significantly reduces the time it takes to fix your teeth.

How significantly?

While traditional braces take between 12 to 24 months to realign and make your teeth beautiful, clear braces reduce this timeframe by up to 50% (your mileage may vary).

However, one of the most significant benefits of wearing clear braces is that it is tough for anyone to be able to tell you are wearing braces. This is because clear braces are actually “clear,” making braces of this nature less noticeable than traditional “metal” braces. Also, clear braces are not as bulky as metal braces.

So while there are other alternatives to wearing “incognito” braces, such as Invisalign, clear braces are more affordable than other alternatives. Additionally, clear braces are created in a way that is reminiscent of traditional metal braces in that they have brackets and wiring that realign and straighten your teeth just as they have for decades. However, as a result of consisting of ceramics, plastic alloys, and other “lighter” material that is also clear, these braces give off a look of being “clear,” all the while being lighter and more comfortable for the wearer.

Clear braces are a great alternative to metal braces and even Invisalign. Are you still interested? Here are a few pictures to show how you will look while wearing clear braces.

The best part? It is very affordable!

If you are seriously considering Invisalign braces, contact your local orthodontist today to learn more about them. In the meantime, check out a few pictures showcasing Invisalign, and discover how “incognito” your teeth can be!

Compare Clear Braces

While you may have heard that clear braces (also known as ceramic braces) are one of the ideal ways to realign your teeth, you likely want to know how they stack up against Invisalign and traditional braces. This is a fair inquiry, especially since you will be wearing your orthodontic device for a considerable time. We are giving you the advantages and disadvantages of these popular orthodontic devices.

Damon Clear Braces

Whether you refer to them as transparent or ceramic braces, one thing is sure: they are much easier on the eyes than traditional braces (metal braces). By blending in with your teeth, it is much harder for anyone to notice that you are wearing them to begin with (in fact, you may not even see someone wearing them from afar). They are also very comfortable and do not irritate your gums nearly as much as traditional braces.

Unfortunately, the clear ligatures (the elastic bands that hold the archwire to the brackets of the braces) tend to stain (however, these are changed monthly, so you may not have this issue). They are also generally more expensive than traditional braces, and treatment can take a few months longer.

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces (metal braces) may be the ideal orthodontic device for price-conscious people. Compared to clear braces and Invisalign devices, traditional braces take the least amount of time possible and will rarely (if ever) stain. They consist of durable material, so you will never have to worry if they will continue to be functional during your treatment.

On the other hand, traditional braces are the most visible orthodontic device you can obtain. They also tend to be the least comfortable (especially in the first few weeks) and are more likely to irritate your gums (as opposed to clear braces that do not).


One of the most popular orthodontic devices in recent years is Invisalign. Many have chosen this type of device for one reason: nobody can come close to telling you that you are wearing an orthodontic appliance (only you will ever know that you are wearing one).

Invisalign is also straightforward to clean, and they do not irritate your gums nearly as much as traditional braces. Like conventional braces, there is no staining.

However, suppose you are in a rush to obtain treatment. In that case, you will have to wait a while, as it typically takes approximately six weeks for Invisalign aligners to arrive from the factory – and since you will have to use a different set of aligners every two weeks, you could be waiting a while.

Additionally, treatment via Invisalign can take as long (or longer) as traditional braces, and they can cost as much (if not more) than metal braces. The process will also not be as painless as the Invisalign trays will move your teeth. Also, since Align Technologies create the plastic aligners, your orthodontist doesn’t have complete control over your treatment.

You will make the correct choice.

Depending on what you are looking for during the treatment (i.e., device invisibility, time, cost) will dictate which method you choose. If you do not mind having noticeable and uncomfortable braces, tal braces may be your logical route.

However, suppose you would rather hide your orthodontic device than continue having a semi-traditional one inside your mouth. In that case, clear braces may be ideal for you (expect to pay a little more and for the treatment to last a bit longer).

Finally, if you do not want to restrict yourself to an orthodontic device that must remain in your mouth at all times while h2iding the fact that you have one, to begin with, you may want to choose Invisalign. However, it can take much longer to complete treatment, be expensive, and not painless as other methods.

Whichever treatment you decide on, weigh the pros and cons, and speak with your local orthodontist to help you decide which method is suitable. They will help you ultimately determine the correct device to choose, ensuring that you do not regret your decision in the least. This is a significant step; therefore, you owe it to yourself to carefully weigh every option.

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