Aetna Dental Insurance Plans and Benefits

Aetna Dental Insurance Plans and Benefits

With millions of people already using Aetna dental plans, it’s safe to say that this is one of the better places to look for excellent dental care.   But besides offering dental insurance, Aetna also offers a discount dental plan, which acts like a coupon every time you visit the dentist.  Many preventative treatments are free, and you can receive discounts of as much as 60% on other common treatments with Aetna Dental Access.  You can choose from over 80,000 dentists, so it should be easy to find one in your area.

Aetna dental insurance plans are some of the most popular dental plans in the world today. Why? Because of all the amazing options they offer. They offer DMO (Network only), PPO (Network option), Hybrid, Dental Idemnity plans, HMO dental riders, Dental Discount Programs, and even more. WOW! That was a mouthful.

Another amazing thing about Aetna is it truly is a value-packed dental plan that really won’t bust your budget. They also offer amazing flexibility, to adjust to any needs your family may currently be facing.

I will share a few of the most popular plans they offer below so you can see just how exciting Aetna Dental insurance really is.

Aetna PPO (Network Option Dental Plan)

Ahh, the Aetna PPO. This is the plan that lets you choose any dentist you wish, even without a referral. You get the normal coverage for preventive, basic, and major services. They have also contracted rates with their network dentists that are MUCH lower than the dentists regular fees…which means BIG savings for you. I thought that would get your attention.

Aetna DMO (Network Only Dental Plan)

The DMO plan gives you the benefit of a hugely wide coverage. You also get amazing cost savings that the other plans don’t quite offer. The DMO is available at about half the cost of PPO. Preventive, basic and major services are covered, and no referrals are even needed for any orthodontia work. That is a super plus, especially if you have teens in your family!

Hybrid Dental Plans (2 Dental Plans In 1!)

Something very special that Aetna offers their customers is the Hybrid Dental Plan. With this “freedom of choice” dental plan you can even mix and match your PPO or DMO options to make JUST the plan that you want…right now!

With this plan, you pay a blended rate no matter which plan you use. You can also switch back and forth each month to really suit your current needs. You can log online to a secure member services site, and do it all privately and quickly in the comfort of your own home. Just be sure to switch by the 15th of each month!

They also have amazingly large dental networks

Aetna offers currently about 130,000 PPO dental locations, and more than 48,000 Dental Maintenance locations. That is quite a lot of dentists to choose from. So remember, if you are in the market to find a terrific dentist at an amazing price with great options, you should REALLY check out Aetna. They truly are all the great things you’ve been about!