Shark Teeth in Kids – Baby Teeth That Don’t Fall Out

Shark Teeth in Kids – Baby Teeth That Don’t Fall Out

Shark tooth is a common dental condition in children where a child’s permanent teeth come in before the baby teeth have fallen out, leading to two rows of teeth. It is most common in the lower front teeth but can also occur in the upper front or back teeth. This condition is referred to as shark teeth because sharks also have rows of teeth constantly falling out and regrowing.

Shark teeth can cause various issues for children, including difficulty eating, speaking, and brushing correctly. In some cases, the baby teeth may need to be extracted to make room for the permanent teeth to come in properly.

The treatment for shark teeth depends on the severity of the condition. In some cases, the baby’s teeth may fall out on their own, and no treatment is necessary. In other cases, the baby’s teeth may need to be extracted by a dentist to make room for permanent teeth.

Taking your child to the dentist for regular check-ups is essential to monitor their dental development and address any issues as they arise.

What is Shark Tooth?

Most children will experience shark teeth at a young age. Shark teeth refer to when a child has two rows of teeth, including the baby teeth and the developing permanent teeth in their mouth. The name shark teeth come from sharks having two rows of teeth in the mouth. Once a kid reaches the age of 4 years, they start to lose their teeth.

The process involves the baby teeth falling out and permanent teeth growing in the spaces. However, this may not be the case for some kids where the process doesn’t happen. Sometimes a permanent tooth comes in before the baby tooth has fallen out. In this case, the kids may have two rows of teeth referred to as “shark teeth.” Below are some facts you need to know about shark teeth in kids.

What causes shark teeth in kids?

As the kids grow, the roots of the baby’s teeth dissolve, and the tooth becomes loose and falls. However, for shark teeth, the roots of the baby teeth do not dissolve quickly, and the baby tooth does not fall. Therefore, the permanent tooth tries to find its way up behind the baby tooth, making the two rows of teeth.

Baby Tooth Not Falling Out

Shark teeth can happen at any time during the kid’s development stages. Firstly, it can happen to kids at the age of four to six years on the lower teeth as they are the first ones to grow. Secondly, they can appear to kids at the age of eleven years after their upper teeth have developed. As a parent, you may notice or fail to see that your kid has shark teeth. It is, therefore, essential to inspect your kid’s teeth, check out for any shark teeth, and take the next course of action.

Risks Involved with Shark Teeth.

Shark teeth are not an emergency or something to worry about as a parent or guardian. If your child has shark teeth, you should visit a dentist for assistance. Shark teeth are not abnormal and do not cause any health conditions or pain. The only thing is that it can be challenging to clean the teeth properly, which can cause tooth decay.

Do shark teeth need to be pulled?

If you notice that your kid has shark teeth, you should wait and see if the baby tooth will fall out. The permanent tooth can take much time to come up, and in this case, there are chances that the baby tooth will get loose and fall out. If it does not fall out, you should encourage the kid to wiggle to make it lose and eventually fall out. If the permanent tooth continues to grow and the baby tooth does not get lost, you should take the kid to a qualified kid’s dentist for an extraction.

Is it normal for permanent teeth to come in behind baby teeth?

It is essential to consult a kid’s dentist if all the methods have failed. The dentist can recommend immediate extraction or advice you to wait. If one of the front incisors is a shark tooth, it is most likely that another one will appear. For this reason, the dentist will advise you to give the other tooth some time to come up so the kid can have one extraction procedure instead of two.

The extraction procedure is not as complicated as for adults. The roots of the teeth are not stable, and the process takes a few minutes. The dentist may recommend sedation or anesthesia depending on the child’s age.

What happens if you don’t treat double teeth?

A shark tooth in a child’s mouth can cause a few potential issues if left untreated. For example, the second tooth may grow behind the primary tooth, causing the permanent tooth to come in crooked or at an angle. In some cases, the primary tooth may not loosen or fall out on its own, which can cause pain, swelling, or infection. Additionally, the double teeth may trap food and bacteria, increasing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Finally, having a double tooth in a prominent position in the mouth can also impact the appearance of the smile and cause self-consciousness. Therefore, it is generally recommended to consult a dentist or orthodontist to evaluate the need for treatment and prevent potential complications.

If your kid has shark teeth, make sure that you consult a dentist. The dentist will advise you on the best call for action for the condition. Make sure the dentist is experienced with such cases. With this, your kid will grow up with a beautiful smile and healthy teeth.

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  1. Some of my daughter’s baby teeth didn’t fall out. She had developing permanent teeth, and the baby teeth were still there as well. My children’s oral health is extremely important to me, so I was really worried that she had a serious issue going on. Fortunately, the dentist was able to calm down my fears. She told me that if the baby teeth didn’t fall out on their own, the extraction process would be easy. I still needed extra reassurance, so I went to the ABC Children’s Dentistry site https://www.abcchildrensdentistry.com and found some good information there. My daughter’s baby teeth eventually fell out, so we didn’t have to get them extracted. If anyone is worried about their kid’s shark teeth, feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to talk more about this. I know it can be pretty scary seeing your child with a double set of teeth.

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