Trendy Flavored Toothpastes

Trendy Flavored Toothpastes

Crazy Flavored Toothpastes You Can Buy Right Now

In a world where anything goes, there is such a thing as bacon flavored toothpaste. Yes, whiskey toothpaste was also once popular. More recent technology has even created a toothpaste that turns plaque left in your mouth green. While these may seem like novelties, consumers are always intrigued by these unique alternatives to traditional toothpaste. Before adding a new toothpaste to our routine, we must ask ourselves if there are hidden dangers or long-terms risks associated with these tempting flavors.

Kids Flavored Toothpastes

Whether you’re allergic to mint toothpaste or just don’t like the taste, there are plenty of other flavors available that will make you look forward more to brushing your teeth. The best non-mint toothpastes are readily accessible with and without fluoride and in a variety of flavors such as cinnamon, watermelon, orange, strawberry, marshmallow, and chocolate.

Unusual Toothpaste Flavors

Marvis Toothpaste Flavor Collection Gift Set includes Amarelli Licorice, Aquatic Mint, Cinnamon Mint, Classic Strong Mint, Ginger Mint, Jasmine Mint and Whitening Mint.

Orange Flavored Toothpaste

The next time you feel tempted to reach for the latest trendy toothpaste, be sure to check for the ADA seal and verify that the common ingredients listed above mostly make up the ingredient list.

Marshmallow Flavored Toothpaste

Bacon Flavored Toothpaste

bacon toothpaste
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Although a bacon flavored toothpaste is exciting to try, perhaps the bacon flavor is better left to the.. bacon.

Chocolate Flavored Toothpaste

For those who do not believe in brushing their teeth, here is a chocolate ice cream flavored toothpaste. You might not even notice that your teeth are cleaner than they were when you left the dinner table.

Watermelon Flavored Toothpaste

There must be orange juice and fresh mint toothpaste out there somewhere. I can’t imagine using watermelon toothpaste because it leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but kids like it.

Berry Flavored Toothpaste

There are numerous flavored toothpaste options available. Some are excellent additions to the flavor palette, while others are not. Some toothpaste makers have made the mistake of deciding that flavors that should be reserved for the table now deserve a place on your toothbrush.

Not only are some of these flavors displeasing, but you have to wonder what their creators were thinking – aren’t you supposed to brush your teeth with toothpaste?

Whatever the reason, some unusual flavor combinations were made, and it is now our job (to satisfy our curiosity) to try and judge them.

Protecting Your Child’s Teeth from Cavities

Post Halloween, getting your kids to brush their teeth is more important than ever. The holidays are full of sweet treats, pies, and sugar for your family. While we certainly can tell that we’re eating too much when we have to loosen our belts, your teeth may already be facing some serious decay. It’s important to stress the importance of proper dental maintenance, especially to kids, during the holidays.

Here are some ideas on how to make sure your child’s teeth are protected during the holidays.

Drink Water

Drinking water during meals isn’t just important for your digestive system – it can help clean teeth too! Make sure your kiddo has a cup of water that they have to finish before they leave the dinner table. It’s best to go straw-less if they can manage it.

Find Some Fun Dental Games

Talking about “how good brushing your teeth is for you” isn’t probably very high on your child’s list of fun things to do. Invest in a dental board game (yes, they exist!) or a cool app they can play from a tablet that let’s them explore the world of dentistry on their own.

Let Them do the Brushing

Knowing the right ways to create independence with your child is a challenge. You want to make sure they have the autonomy to brush on their own, but also help them to make sure that they’re getting those hard to reach spots. Remember, until your child has enough dexterity to tie his or her own shoes, they probably need help brushing still. Our recommendation? Stickers. The more they brush on their own, the more incentive they have to earn that giant Batman sticker.

Don’t Let Them Sleep with Juice

One of the most dangerous habits is letting your child sleep with juice in their sippy cup. Fall and winter brings on all sorts of flavors like apple and cranberry that your child may be looking forward too. However, this can cause some very QUICK tooth decay. Leave the juice for the daytime and give them only water at night.

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