Dental Exams and Professional Cleanings

Dental Exams and Professional Cleanings

In order to get the best results, dentists provide patients with comprehensive general dentistry services that stress total wellness and prevention.The cornerstone of this approach is the regular dental visit. Some people take the exams and cleaning for granted, but as you are about to read, the regular dental visit is crucial to the health of your smile.

The Importance of Your Regular Dentist Visit

Regular visits to your dentist are such an important part of maintaining good dental health and making sure your smile looks its very best. While one trip every six months doesn’t seem like a major thing, the fact of the matter is that your dentist does so much for you in a single dental visit, and these are the sorts of services that you cannot provide yourself in your own home.

Taking X-rays and Other Forms of Advanced Diagnostics

Dental x-rays allow your dentist to identify major and minor dental problems that you may be suffering from. The x-rays look at the structure of the teeth and the jaw joint, identifying problems with misalignment as well as deeper issues not visible at the surface. Having these x-rays added to your dental record helps track your health and overall wellness.

Professional Cleaning and Polishing

Professional cleanings get at all the hard to reach places that you may not be able to clean on your own. A dental hygienist and your dentist work together, flossing your teeth, polishing the teeth with an electric brush, and scraping little bits of plaque and tartar that may be lodged at or near the gumline.

Checking Your Teeth and Gums for Problems

While x-rays are key for deeper problems and structural issues, your dentist will also check your teeth and gums up close with his or her own eyes. Your dentist will note any poor alignment, odd coloration, lesions and cuts of the soft tissues of the mouth, and other possible irregularities that may be the sign of a dental health issue.

Discussing Your Dental Health Concerns

Meeting with your dentist regularly gives you a unique opportunity to discuss your dental health concerns with a professional. Be sure to share any problems you’ve been experiencing with your dentist, such as clicking in the jaw, persistent dry mouth, and even chronic bad breath. Your dentist will look into all of these matters since they may be signs/symptoms of a dental health or general health problem.

Making Treatment Plans for the Future

If you have a cavity, suffer from gum disease, have wisdom teeth coming in that ought to be taken out, or have some other need for advanced dental treatment, your regular visit is a great time to plan for these needs ahead of time. Your dentist will discuss future treatments with you in detail, in some cases referring you to a specialist who may best be able to address your treatment needs.

Sharing Tips for Great Dental Health

In addition to all of the above, your dentist is committed to your lasting health. You can often expect your dentist or a member of the dental care team to provide various tips for lasting wellness. This may include certain toothpastes or mouthwashes to consider or even what trends are going on in oral hygiene that can benefit you.

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