1. How does a dentist qualify to be in the Best Dentist Guide?

We use a variety of factors to select the top dentists in your area. Years of experience, advanced training, specialization and degrees, services offered, and Yelp!, CitySearch, and Angie’s List reviews and ratings help us identify the best dental professionals. These qualifications are displayed on each dentist’s profile, making your choice that much easier. Because there are over 150,000 dentists in the United States, and our website only features fewer than ten percent of these professionals, it is likely we have left off some highly qualified dentists. Consequently, we are always evaluating new candidates and welcome your recommendation of any dental professionals who should be considered.

2. What is the Best Dentist Guide screening process?

The Best Dentist Guide understands that selecting the right dentist can be daunting. We apply both objective and subjective criteria in our screening process. We take into consideration objective criteria, such as years of experience and specialized training, but also incorporate more subjective inputs, such as ratings from actual patients and the quality of reviews on Yelp! and CitySearch. Finally, we present the information in a convenient format, so that our visitors can make their own assessment and selection.

We never stop evaluating new candidates to be a part of our guide, so recommendations are welcome!

3. Can dentists pay to be in the guide?

We do not allow any candidate to purchase a spot in our directory, but once we publish our list of Best Dentists, we allow those professionals to advertise in our directory.

4. Can you help me find a dentist who accepts my insurance?

Selecting the best dentist is also an important financial decision, so dental insurance can be a major consideration when selecting a dental professional. The Best Dentist Guide has made it easy by listing which insurance programs our dentists accept. We also provide cost estimates for many typical procedures, information on discount dental plans (not insurance), tax-advantaged flexible spending accounts and other payment options that should be considered for costly procedures.

5. What makes your service different than the Yellow Pages?

The Best Dentist Guide is different from the Yellow Pages because we screen and select dentists based not on what they pay us (it’s a free service), but rather on how they rate. Using customer reviews, CitySearch ratings and other factors, we recommend only the best to our consumers. Our easy “Find A Dentist” search also helps users find the right dentist, whereas Yellow Pages presents any and all dentists.

6. Who is behind the website?

The Best Dentist Guide is a service of Dentist Resource Publishing, LLC, a publisher of on-line directories for the health and wellness industry.

8. My dentist isn’t listed in the guide. Does this mean he/she is not a good dentist?

Absolutely not! We are constantly evaluating new dentists to provide the most comprehensive guide for top dental professionals. If you love your dentist, click here and tell us why!

9. How can I recommend a dentist to be evaluated for the guide?

It’s easy, click here and provide us some basic information, as well as any personal comments, such as does he/she do a great job minimizing pain, does the staff go above and beyond, did you have to wait for your appointment and would you recommend this dentist to a friend?

10. I didn’t find any entries in my zip code. When will your service be offered for my city?

The Best Dentist Guide is currently offered in 50 metropolitan areas. Unfortunately, we do not offer our service in other cities yet.

11. What should I do if I have a dental emergency?

The Best Dentist Guide does not make recommendations for emergency dental care. In most cities, there are numerous dentists that will provide such care. A Google search for “emergency dental care” with the name of your city will likely provide you a list of options.

12. How can I post a review for a dentist in the guide?

You can post a review for our featured dentists by clicking here

13. Do you recommend dental treatment provided by students supervised by dentists as part of a dental school program?

The Best Dentist Guide recommends the top dental professionals in the United States. One of our basic qualifiers is years of experience. Because dental students are still learning and not licensed, we do not feature them in our guide. However, student dental work, properly supervised by a professional, can be an economical way to get basic dental services.

14. Does your guide include dentists in Canada, Mexico or elsewhere outside the United States?

The Best Dentist Guide features the top dental professionals in the United States. However, there are many reasons people consider dental care outside the United States. With increasing dental prices, services in other countries may be the right decision for you. Check out dentaldepartures.com for more information.