11 Best Lawyers for Dentists

11 Best Lawyers for Dentists

Top Dentist Attorneys

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Updated 02/16/23. Lawyers for dentists are a specialized group of attorneys who understand the unique legal needs of dental professionals. From contract review to malpractice defense, lawyers for dentists provide a wide range of legal services to ensure that dentists are protected and their practices are running smoothly. They understand the complexities of the dental industry and the ever-changing laws and regulations that govern it.

With their expertise, they can help dentists comply with state and federal laws while protecting their rights and interests. Lawyers for dentists can guide various issues, such as employment contracts, patient privacy, insurance claims, and malpractice defense. They can also provide advice on business structure, taxation, and licensing. With their specialized knowledge and experience, lawyers for dentists can help dentists navigate the legal landscape and ensure that their practices are running smoothly and in compliance with the law.

Sometimes during their career, dentists may need a lawyer’s services. Deciding the type of attorney you need is just the beginning of the selection process. Whether you are buying a dental practice or dealing with an employment issue for your dentist’s office, you probably need help selecting an attorney specializing in cases that medical or dental professionals face.

Dentist lawyers assist dental professionals in protecting their practices. Lawyers for dentists not only help you in managing compliance, but they also resolve disputes and litigation with associates, clients, and shareholders. When legal issues arise, every practice should have a dental law attorney they can rely on.

A dentist may need a lawyer to help with any legal issues that may arise while practicing dentistry, such as contracts, malpractice, or trademark infringement.

Expert in Legal Issues for Dentists – Oberman Law Firm

327 Dahlonega Street Suite 401 Cumming, Georgia 30040: (770) 886-2400

Stuart J. Oberman, Esq. Handles a wide range of legal issues for the dental profession, including cyber security breaches, employment law, practice sales, OSHA, HIPAA compliance, real estate transactions, lease agreements, noncompete agreements, dental board complaints, and professional corporations. -obermanlaw.com

Dental Office Lawyer – Eric J. Ploumis, D.M.D, J.D.

Comprehensive Legal Services For Dental Professionals. Dental Practice Lawyers’ attorneys represent dentists in all phases of their careers. The office can assist you with negotiating and drafting the documents necessary for practice transitions, buy-ins, partnerships, employment opportunities, and office leases, specifically focusing on issues that affect dentists. -dentalpracticelawyers.com

Dental Attorney – Cohen Law Firm PLLC

13355 Noel Rd. Suite 1100 Dallas, TX 75240: (972) 294-7531

Dental clinicians and specialists rely on Cohen Law Firm for assistance in many realms of transactional law. The firm’s concentration in the dental world evolved out of the immense need of dentists to obtain legal advice from attorneys particularly familiar with dentistry. Quickly, dentists and dental specialists have built a reliance on our firm because of our history of working with dentists and dental specialists. -cohenlawfirmpllc.com

Dental Attorneys – Wood & Delgado


Wood & Delgado is a full-service NATIONWIDE law firm of attorneys specializing in dental transitions, dental leases, dental partnerships, MSOs, dental groups, estate planning, and all business needs of a dentist. Wood and Delgado provide nationwide representation to many dentists and other medical professionals. Wood and Delgado is the firm for you if you are looking for highly experienced and qualified dental transaction experts! -dentalattorneys.com

Leader in Dental Business Law – Robert H. Montgomery, III, Esquire, P.C.

901 Mopac Expressway South Building 1, Suite 300 Austin, TX 78746: 512-955-3041

By focusing our practice on business and legal matters affecting dentists and dental procedures, our team brings experience and a depth of knowledge to our clients as well as extensive professional networks in critical areas, including accounting, financing, startup practice consultants, dental practice brokers, equipment and supply, real estate and more. Because of this, our clients benefit strategically from our extensive experience and professional connections in the dental market and the value of targeted, specialized legal advice, meaning efficiency and cost-effective representation. -yourdentallawyer.com

Representing Dentists – Grogan Hesse & Uditsky, P.C.

2 Mid America Plaza, Suite 110 Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181: 630.833.5533

Specializing in legal services for dentists and dental practices, as well as orthodontists, periodontists, endodontists, pediatric dentists, and oral surgeons, Jordan Uditsky and the attorneys at Grogan Hesse & Uditsky, P.C. represent dentists in connection with the startup, acquisition, and sale of their practices, drafting employment and partnership agreements, lease negotiations, commercial litigation and business disputes, and any other legal matter a dentist or dental practice may encounter from startup to sale. – chicagodentalattorney.com

Medical and Dental Practice Attorneys – Grad, Logan, Klewans, and Bowen

3141 Fairview Park Drive Suite 350 Falls Church, VA 22042: 703-548-8400

Dental and medical practices must operate within a constantly changing landscape of federal and state governmental regulations and requirements. There are particular rules that healthcare practitioners must follow to establish their practices and manage ongoing practice operations, including Medicare, Medicaid, Stark regulations, and the like. Such regulations may, for example, dictate how the business entity may be owned and by whom, how the business may be named or where it may operate, or what types of business arrangements practitioners may have with other providers, such as surgical centers, outside of their practices. Our knowledge and experience in this area ensure that our clients avoid regulatory pitfalls and stay informed on the latest changes. -glklawyers.com

Employment Law For Dental Practices – TencerSherman LLP

12520 High Bluff Drive Suite 230 San Diego, CA 92130: 858.408.6900

Staying current on employment law helps avoid liability. Many dentists dream of opening their practices. And while they may have spent years refining their clinical skills, they are often less familiar with the business side of dentistry. This is especially true regarding employment law, an area of frequent claims against dental practice owners. -tencersherman.com

​Law Practice for Dentists – Pacific Health Law Group, P.C.

We are dedicated to adding value to your dental practice. We understand that if we do our job right, we can minimize your liabilities and give you peace of mind. And if you have peace of mind, you can focus on your work and grow your dental practice. This principle guides our client relationships. -dental-attorney.com

Lawyer for Dentists & Group Dental Practices- Matt Dickstein

Practices with more than one dentist should use a dental corporation. The dental corporation not only shields each dentist from general liabilities of the dental corporation (discussed above) but also shields each dentist from liabilities arising from the acts of other dentists in the group. Although two or more dentists can work together as a partnership, this is not your best choice. Partnerships are risky because each dentist is liable for the acts of the other dentist. Incorporation mitigates this risk by protecting against liability from other dentists in the group. -mattdickstein.com

Texas Dental License Defense Attorneys -Leichter Law Firm PC


Facing the loss of your license to practice dental medicine can be frightening, as it can mean losing your ability to provide for yourself and your family. If you are facing a review board, securing the representation of an experienced Texas dental license defense attorney may be your first step to protecting yourself and your practice from serious repercussions. -leichterlaw.com

Contract Counsel Exclusively for Dentists


We are the only nationwide contract review dedicated exclusively to dentists. With this hyper-specialization, we are intimately familiar with the needs of dentists in private practice. Whether working full-time or part-time, as an owner of a course or joining a new practice, dentists have unique concerns based on their schedules and the services they provide. Dentist’s Contract Counsel has handpicked the nation’s leading board-certified healthcare attorneys and vetted them to ensure we only work with attorneys that keenly understand dentists and the contracts that govern their practices. -dentistscontractcounsel.com