Apple Cider Vinegar and Your Teeth

Apple Cider Vinegar and Your Teeth

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a seemingly magical liquid. It has a vast range of use in personal self-care and household cleaning. It finds its usefulness in everything – your skin, your house, your hair and even your pets. It is in use from ages and is termed as a wonder drug. It is said to help cure countless health problems.  ACV contains large traces of potassium, which is used for the treatment of a variety of ailments including brittle teeth, weak finger nails, hair loss and sinusitis. It also helps to eliminate toxics from your body.  ACV contains malic acid which helps to fight with fungal and bacterial infections. It helps to get relief from joint pains. It is asserted that apple cider vinegar is helpful in ailments like eczema, constipation, arthritis, chronic fatigue, headaches, weak bones, indigestion, mild food poisoning and many more.

It’s one of the most Googled health foods out there. Nutritionist J.J. Smith reveals why she loves apple cider vinegar.

There are many things that apple cider vinegar is used for. There are some people who use it to limit the gaseous acids in their stomach. There are some people who use it for melting the fat in their bodies, particularly in the stomach area. There are also some people who use it with water as a daily therapeutic drink to give them energy. Other benefits of apple cider vinegar include: curing hiccups, soothing a sore throat, helping with indigestion, weight loss, relieves a stuffy nose, helps to clear acne, alleviates dandruff and decreases nighttime leg cramps. But whatever you use your apple cider vinegar for, there are studies that show it working well as a mouthwash to eliminate bad breath and with brightening your teeth. Apple cider vinegar is filled with nutrients that can break up the bacteria in your mouth. It can thoroughly clean your mouth because of its ingredients. As the bacteria in your mouth is washed away daily, your mouth begins to feel cleaner and you will get rid of bad breath. The apple cider vinegar also does the same with whitening your teeth. It acts as a rinsing agent while taking away the bacteria from your teeth leaving you with cleaner, fresher whiter teeth.

Adding organic apple cider vinegar to your daily routine smooths the texture of your skin and tones it. Also, skin irritations and acne can be cured. It promotes a healthy immune system by improving digestion. It helps to expel toxins from the body. By speeding up the rate of metabolism, it can be used to control weighty issues. If used regularly, then it can help to soothe neck, shoulder and back pain. It is known to relieve the symptoms of constipation as well.

What is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple Cider Vinegar is fermented apple juice. The apples are crushed so that the liquid can be taken away. Bacteria and yeast are then added to the liquid to start the fermentation process. The sugars within the apple juice liquid become alcohol and the first step of the fermentation process is completed. The second step of the fermentation process adds acetic acid to form bacteria. The acetic and malic acid are what give the vinegar its sour taste.

When consumed in little amount, approximately one table spoon with 4-6 ounce of water, it can relieve constipation and other ailments related to digestion. It can help you get rid of toxins that build up in your system and it also clears blemishes to give clear and bright complexion. Rich in ash, it gives alkaline pH to ACV making it perfect antidote to acid built up in the body causing heartburn. It improves muscles growth and checks fat accumulation in the body. This is the reason people who are in weight-loss program take special low calorie diet rich in fruits and vegetables along with this vinegar. ACV breaks down fat cells and help to flush them out of your system along with other break down products that accumulate in our body. This is why ACV is recommended for weight-loss program since it acts against fat cells as well as an antioxidant. Strenuous exercise and weight training program lead to acid build up in the muscles leading to painful muscles cramps, but this can be prevented by regular consumption of ACV.

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

ACV has been used to cure many ailments in the human body which include Acne, dandruff, obesity and others. It is also said to be a general supplement which could be taken everyday. It has profound effectiveness in helping lose weight. It is said to be a cure for cancer, as it has abilities to kill cancer cells and slow down their growth. ACV provides some essential elements to your body, which contribute to different aspects of your body. It is rich in potassium, and helps in curing brittle teeth and runny nose. Potassium also helps in curing hair loss. It also has pectin, which is helpful in regulating blood pressure and bringing down bad cholesterol.

Malic acid present in ACV makes it an anti-viral and anti-bacterial. Calcium present in ACV helps strengthen your bones and teeth. Ash present in ACV helps in maintaining the alkaline balance. Acetic acid, which is present in all vinegars, helps ACV to slow down the digestion of starch further lowering the level of glucose. ACV helps to improve your skin conditions and has positive effects on your skin texture and complexion. It may also help in treating joint pains. Apple cider vinegar benefits are not particular to the human society. It is also useful in curing animals. Some of the positive impacts of ACV on animals are as follows:

  • The usual nutritional and health benefits are applicable in the cases of animals as well.
  • Birds wean early, gain weight and feather out faster than usual.
  • Itchy skins, hot spots, smelly ears, and other such problems are cured in dogs when treated with ACV.

ACV contains beta-carotene, which helps in opposing damage caused by free radicals. This helps you to maintain radiant skin, glow and a youthful appearance. It is really good for those people who want to lose weight, as it helps to break down the fat and facilitate weight reduction naturally.

Acne can be cured naturally with the use of ACV. Also, sulphur contained in it, fights the effects that cause aging. This makes it suitable for treating age spots. You can also reduce the appearance of cellulite.  ACV is very frequently used for curing constipation. It contains high concentration of pectin, which can help in treating diarrhoea by soothing the irritated lining of colon. It also helps to drain out harmful toxins from our body. ACV can also help to control high blood sugar levels.

As a Mouthwash

If you are having difficulty in getting rid of bad breath, there may be a solution that you do not know about. Rinsing daily with apple cider vinegar has been shown to significantly improve bad breath. Gargle with one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar diluted with water to kill the bacteria in your mouth that causes bad breath odor.  Remember: Undiluted apple cider vinegar is acidic enough to weaken the enamel on your teeth. Weakened enamel increases your vulnerability to tooth decay and cavities, plus cause your teeth to be sensitive.

As a Teeth Whitener

You will want to gargle with one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, diluted with water. The acids in the vinegar may help to remove stains from your teeth and remove odor causing bacteria. Your teeth may become cleaner, whiter and brighter by using apple cider vinegar as a daily regimen for cleaning your teeth.

ACV contains acetic acid. It’s a powerful acid, and in the case of pure ACV, it causes contact burns to your skin. ACV must be diluted before usage as a safety measure. ACV could cause damage to the enamel in your teeth and tissues of tongue and mouth too.

The Ingredients That are Most Effective

Bacteria and yeast are added during the first part of the fermentation process to the liquids that come from crushing an apple. Once the sugars from the juice turn to alcohol, acetic acid and malic acid are used to turn the fermented apple juice liquid into vinegar. They also give the vinegar the sour taste that it is so well known for.

Does ACV Damage Your Teeth?

You must keep in mind that as you are using apple cider vinegar for keeping odor causing bad breath away and whitening your teeth, that too much of a good thing then becomes a bad thing. Apple cider vinegar if used too much, can tear at the lining of your stomach, which can lead to ulcers and other health related issues. Remember to use no more than one DILUTED teaspoon daily. If you are using more than this, you run the risk of apple cider vinegar not being beneficial for you.

ACV contains acetic acid. It’s a powerful acid, and in the case of pure ACV, it causes contact burns to your skin. ACV must be diluted before usage as a safety measure. ACV could cause damage to the enamel in your teeth and tissues of tongue and mouth too.  Long term use of ACV could result in low potassium levels. It has chromium content in it, which could alter insulin levels. Therefore, diabetic patients must consult their doctors before using ACV.  Consuming Apple Cider Vinegar in its natural liquid form and not in the form of ACV supplements is highly risky. These are neither regularly tested nor are they regulated by FDV. A research said that the ingredients of the supplements are not always same as the ingredients listed on the package.

Remember to always do your homework when you are beginning any type of health related regimen. You may want to consult with your primary physician to ensure that apple cider vinegar is something that would be beneficial for you to use in decreasing odor causing bacteria in your mouth that leads to bad breath and removing stains from your teeth to make them cleaner and whiter.


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